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Mary Anna Rodabaugh

Writer, Editor, Coach, Speaker, and Content Connoisseur

published by Eastern Shore News, Main Course Magazine, The Light Bulb, Generocity Philly, Milestones, Round Table Companies, MOGUL

I'm Mary Anna Rodabaugh and I'm a content connoisseur. From blog writing to social media platform development to book writing, literary agent querying, virtual assisting,  and publishing prep with a little motivational speaking mixed in, I'm here to help you create your best work to change the world. With over 10 years of editorial experience, this funny, creative, and intuitive millennial is exactly what you're looking for. And yes, I'm owning the millennial label because who better to help you than a gal who has been using social media since social media was a "thing." 

Writing Bits

You can find works by Mary Anna Rodabaugh in
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Released in Jan 2021, Pandemic Poems and other Ponderings is the debut poetry collection from the slightly inebriated spirit of Mary Anna Rodabaugh. 


Mogul is an award winning global platform for  women worldwide. 

The Old Blog

Follow MA started in 2009 and continues to document the awkward moments and life epiphanies M.A. has today.

 Round Table  Companies

M.A. contributes to RTC's Insights Blog and serves as a staff editor and writing coach. 


Published by the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging, M.A. contributes various articles to the monthly paper, Milestones

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