M.A. Rodabaugh

Author, Editor, Social Media Guru

M.A. Rodabaugh is an author, writer, journalist, humorist, editor and social media guru based in Philadelphia, P.A. She is the mastermind behind #OwningYourAwkward the empowerment brand.

M.A. is a regular contributor for MOGUL, an award-winning platform for women worldwide, various freelance outlets in Philadelphia and serves as a staff writing and writing coach for Round Table Companies. 

Writing Jawns

You can find works by M.A. Rodabaugh in


Mogul is an award winning global platform for  women worldwide. 


Published by the Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging, M.A. contributes various articles to the monthly paper, Milestones

The Blog

Follow MA started in 2009 and continues to document the awkward moments and life epiphanies M.A. has today.

Main Course

As an art columnist, M.A. covered local gallery shows in Philadelphia each month.

 Round Table  Companies

M.A. contributes to RTC's Insights Blog and serves as a staff editor and writing coach. 

Content Curation

M.A. writes for Goals.com, Shoutvox and Steady Content to provide SEO targeted content for businesses. 


M.A. has published pieces for Generocity by TechnicallyMedia. 

Eastern Shore News

M.A. once served as the youngest freelance journalist on staff at the Eastern Shore News. 


#Owning Your Awkward


If you have writing or social media management needs, M.A. has services to fit every project and budget. With over 10 years of writing experience and five years of editing experience, M.A. has the knowledge and precision to exceed your editorial goals. Want to write a book? M.A. can be your writing coach. Want to build your social media platform? M.A. can consult or assist with social media management. She was on Facebook before it was cool. Need someone to capture your voice and style in web content, blogs and other editorial materials? Done.  


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