Can You Stomach Your S#it Sandwich?

Two years ago I was at a conference listening to a travel entrepreneur share with us how she became a blogger and influencer who now gets paid to visit destinations and promote them. Home girl gets paid to travel and post about it. Can you say dream job? But her talk wasn't about how great her life is, it was actually about developing your business, be it remote or brick and mortar.

She shared something with us that day. Something that has nestled in the forefront of my mind recently. She told us that whenever we're preparing to create our own path, develop our dream...we need to make note of all the things that will inevitably make their way into a s#hit sandwich. Are we still willing to eat that sandwich?

Urban Dictionary says a s#it sandwich is a way of covering negative feedback in a way that is digestible. That's not what this presenter was getting at. No, for her, a s#it sandwich is one where all the inconvenient, negative, awkward, challenging, not so fun elements of business creation live. Make a list of those things and examine it. Are you willing to proceed?

The highly successful people and entrepreneurs I've met/interviewed have one thing in common: they inhale their s#it sandwiches. They don't play in procrastination land. They sacrifice sleep for the dream. They put their phones down unless they're making business connections.

Social media. Netflix. Amazon Alexa. You name it...all of these highly addictive things are highly successful DISTRACTIONS. If you're looking for a quick shot of dopamine from your screen, something isn't right. That's not eating your s#it sandwich, that is letting it sit and smell and fester.

Which is why I now find myself saying "S#IT SANDWICH" in my head several times a day. It is a reminder that even when I'm tired, or seeking some sort of distraction, to take a deep breath and take a deep bite. Dreams don't come true if you're scrolling.

Unless you're a travel influencer.

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