Getting Chatty on Twitter

So you made a Twitter account and you're not sure where to start. Here are some ways to get into the Twittiverse, make new friends and grow your following

Twitter Scrabble Letters

Choosing a Handle

Your Twitter handle (username) should accurately represent who you are. You can do (@YourNameAuthor) or (@YourNameWrites), but you can also choose something that represents your genre (@FunnyGal12) or (@NewEnglandHorrors). You can change your handle over time, but it is best practice to keep it as consistent as possible.


When creating your profile make sure to:

  • Upload a professional headshot for your profile photo. People want to see who they are interacting with

  • Choose a professional and relevant header photo

  • Update your bio with short, snappy, but interesting information (including prominent byline organizations)

  • Provide the link to your website

You can even use hashtags in your bio (though don't go too crazy) for a little extra jazz.

Hashtag your posts

Love to #hashtag? Well, you should. Hashtags allow your posts to be searchable and aggregated within Twitter. When a hashtag trends, you can see all the Tweets related to that particular hashtag. Many users gain new followers simply by using hashtags (and links). Also, when appropriate, include images in your Tweets. The hashtag will lead you to conversations you can participate in (especially in the writer community.

Remember - Tweets cannot be edited after posted. You will have to delete and retweet the post. Get out there and Tweet your heart out!

Stay tuned for more posts on Twitter best practices right here!

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