How to Make 2020 Your Year

It is that time of year again. The social media posts of "New Year, New Me" run rampant on our timelines. Gyms are offering New Year's Promotions. Pay $20.20 for a year's membership. Inspirational memes and cartoons of people throwing out the 2019 trash get retweeted, liked, loved, and shared. It is a brand new decade and the world is encouraging you to make it your best one yet.

But how can you harness that 2020 energy for all 365 days of the year? Here are some tips:

1) Set your sights on mini goals instead of massive results

Resolutions are broken and forgotten by spring because they are typically focused on macro-results. "I want to lose 50 pounds" is a nice goal if that helps you live a healthier life. However, it is a huge result instead of a micro goal. If you don't reach that goal, or find yourself heading in the opposite direction of that goal, you're going to get discouraged. Instead, create a mini-goal such as: "Complete 30 minutes of exercise three days a week for three months." The weight loss goal can remain on the horizon but your mini-steps are now trackable and hopefully more obtainable.

Want to switch careers? Begin by setting aside 15 minutes a day for job searching or vocational training. Want to figure out your purpose? Set aside an hour a day to read professional and personal develop books or watch a few TEDx Talks or engage in a webinar. Want to find love? Begin by doing three things a week that make you feel really good about yourself. When you love yourself, people become attracted to your energy and will find you.

2) Pick a morning mantra

It is not cheesy. Before you roll your eyes and think "whatever, that is too fluffy," you should really try this before you knock it. Your mantra may change throughout the year, but start by choosing a word, a quote, or a phrase that means something to you. Write it on a post-it note and stick it to your bathroom mirror or bedroom mirror or even somewhere on your vehicle's dashboard. Repeat it to yourself, like a prayer. You don't even have to say it aloud. Here are a few examples:

- This year is going to be my best year yet

- I am worth it

- I am enough

- I'm a badass

- The world needs my [insert talent/passion here]

- Inhale possibility. Exhale fear.

- My life starts today

3) Track your progress

You want to see the fruits of your labor? Track em! There are so many ways you can keep tabs on your micro goals. You can start a Bullet Journal, you can create a Habit Tracker chart, you can create a 2020 Monthly "Advent" calendar and each day has a door (or post-it) with a micro-goal for you to try. You can blog about your efforts, write down three things you accomplished each day before bed or even start a YouTube Channel and video your efforts. Get inspired by others following similar paths as well.

4) Find Buddies

It is much easier to get up and go to that workout class when you have a friend counting on you to sweat alongside them. It is a lot easier to quit smoking when you have a buddy who is going through the same experience as you. It is a lot easier to find a new job and discover what really makes your heart happy when you surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Look for Facebook groups, Meetups, follow Instagram hashtags, and more to "find your tribe." Accountability goes a long way and makes micro-goal hunting more fun.

5) Celebrate Successes

Success doesn't have to equate to results achievement. Success might be meeting your micro-goals for the month. It may be spending an hour each day for a week to write. It may be choosing a salad over takeout. It may be cutting a toxic person out of your life without feeling guilty. It might be doing one thing that scares you. Make sure to give yourself credit for even the tiniest elements of progress. You'll feel so much better about each step you take along the way.

You got this. Make 2020 your year and make the new Roarin' Twenties YOUR decade!

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