The Zone

Have you ever been so immersed in a singular task that you lose track of time? No, I'm not talking about binge-watching a Netflix show or sleeping. I'm talking about doing something immensely productive and stimulating. I'm talking about being so INTO whatever it is you are doing that you get kind of mad that you have to shower or eat (#firstworldproblems) because it will take time away from that task.

If you've felt this at any point in your life, welcome the The Zone.

We've often heard people say "sorry I was in the zone" or even "I zoned out." Now the first of these statements is productive (while the second is a byproduct of disengagement or procrastination). The Zone is this sweet spot when your passion and talents align. You feel you're using time wisely. You're making a difference. You're creating something, organizing something, developing something, nurturing something...and it feels damn good.

The Zone can be an elusive little thing. Notice the internal pull you feel when you're out the zone. Have you ever tackled a task and oh..say..check your phone half a dozen times? You're not in the Zone. You're craving distraction and perhaps a hit of dopamine. The key here is to identify those moments you are full in the Zone and see how you can build a life around those moments. Can the tasks be profitable? Can you find a way to do more of what you love and less of what you "have to do?"

It sounds fluffy, ethereal, mushy and something that comes out of the mouths of millennial snowflakes. However, this Zone thinking is exactly what you need to consider when chasing fulfillment. If you are unhappy 75% of the time, then you need to experiment until you land in the Zone.

You and the world will be much better for it.

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